DevOps, Maintenance, and Support

Drupal and WordPress DevOps: Critical Updates, Monitoring and Security Patches

New Target provides Drupal & WordPress application and LAMP server-level monitoring and updates when it matters most, quickly and accurately. Whether you are a small, mid-sized, or large company, association or government agency, our DevOps team provides ongoing maintenance and support packages that will keep your Drupal, WordPress and Joomla-driven web applications, and specialty software like Apache Solr, secure and performing at the highest possible level.  High profile clients trust New Target to provide the 24/7 DevOps service they need to keep their organization's web applications performing well online.

With 16 years of working in the web application development and hosting industry, we have the enterprise DevOps experience needed to ensure your applications are kept up-to-date. Our time-tested, proven monitoring, DevOps, and regression testing processes mean we keep even the most advanced web applications up-to-date and secure. Our seasoned DevOps team uses the most advanced application and server monitoring tools available, including New Relic, the industry-leading code performance and server performance monitoring software.

Contact us for a quote for maintaining and supporting your Drupal, WordPress or Joomla-based web applications.

We Support and Maintain...


    DevOps Consulting

    If you're looking for a DevOps expert to plan a major release, assess hosting environments or multi-server architectures, configure Apache Solr, or determine the best architecture for your web applications and servers, we have worked with large federal agencies and associations to make the right decision when there was no room for error.


    Application and Server Monitoring

    We monitor every aspect of your web application from server level to application and beyond 24/7, 365 days per year.


    Drupal & WordPress DevOps Specialists

    Understanding Drupal (7 & 8) and WordPress Core and which Drupal Contrib Modules / WordPress Plugins are maintained or deprecated, having a command of command line, Apache Solr, Drush, and much more is essential to keep your online operations running. 


    Drupal, Solr, WordPress and Joomla Hosting

    By providing shared, dedicated, cloud and a variety of related development and staging hosting services, you can rest assured that your LAMP environment will always have the light on.


    Quality Assurance

    New Target's quality assurance team ensures all updates, patches, and other changes are tested thoroughly on staging environments before being released to live production environments.


    Deployment Experts

    New Target has been deploying Drupal, WordPress and Joomla websites for years, and we are on the leading edge of code management and version control technologies such as Docker, Drush, GIT, Puppet, and Chef. We know DevOps!



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